Bissell Steam Cleaners – Review and Troubleshooting

Bissell steam cleaners are the most popular machines that are used in the houses these days. As we realize that one of the day jobs is cleaning the carpet, in order to keep your carpet looking as good as new even after day to day care. Even there are many options for you in the market that can help you to clean your carpet, but I convince you that Bissell are one of the best steam cleaners in the market. When you need professional carpet care at home Bissell steam cleaners are the hot product that you can buy, without spending a fortune.

It is important to cleaning your carpet in the right methods to keep your carpet as good as new for a very long time. Not all steam cleaners can remove the deep stains from carpet in one run. To make sure that their carpets stain free, there are many people use different types of carpet cleaners. And don’t you know that are going over the same spot again and again can damage the material of the carpet.

Find a quality carpet cleaner is not too easy. Nowadays, people are preferred more to steam cleaners over the other carpet cleaners. Bissell are preferred because they are not only good for deep stain but they are equally effective for all kinds of small or large stains. Having steam cleaners will provide you a professional level of carpet cleaning in your home.

Bissell are a well known name that has been making top class carpet cleaning machines for a long time. When you buy from Bissell, you will get a steam cleaner that has become a name that you can trust because the company is well reputed.

With a technology that they can clean all types of carpets, the new Bissell steamers are designed. If you don’t have carpets in your home, you might be thinking about ignoring it but be happy to know that their steam cleaner can also be sued for cleaning marble and wood floors.

More people buy Bissell due to quality and feature to clean different surfaces. Not like others, Bissell are removing all the germs and dirt but will not destroy your floor because the only targets of these cleaners are germ and dirt.

One of the best of things about bissell is that they can make you clean any stains of your carpet without a heavy cleaner. It is possible to clean areas that is cleaned in past because of this rotating features.

Talking about environment friendly, Bissell is the best. The machines don’t produce any irritating sound and doesn’t use any chemicals. The power is much higher than all big cleaners even though they are small in size.

After you switch the machine and then 30 seconds after that, the machines can start without any delay. You will love these machines. The heater and water filter is fast to clean your floor and carpet like it was new.

You can get maximum benefit from your Bissell because you have the chance to buy the best user friendly cleaners in reasonable price. Buy the best steam cleaner for your home so that you don’t have to worry about stains on your carpet and dirt on your floor anymore.

However, Bissell steam cleaners are easy to use and very durable, but you may run into some problems that interfere with normal operation as with anything mechanical.

Reduced/No Spray

Firstly, make sure that there is water in the bladder part of tank-in-tank if your machines are not spraying the water and solution correctly and that it is seated correctly in the machine. Make sure that the lint trap is not clogged if clogged; soak in white vinegar and water for several hours. To see if the pump has lost prime, check to re-prime, then turn off machine, turn on and depress spray trigger after wait for one minute. To be sure that water comes out when pressed check the valve on the bottom of the tank-in-tank. Check for a broken pump belt if the machine will still not spray.

Power Brush

During normal operation, certain models have a Dirt Lifter Power Brush. To remove deeply imbedded dirt, this brush rotates and lifts the carpet fibers. The brush belt is broken if the brush stops rotating.

Pump Belt or Trouble When Replacing Brush

Recline the handle of the machine and remove the tank-in-tank to replace pump belt or the brush belt. Using a flat head screwdriver, carefully try opening the belt access door. So you can access area faces upward when place the cleaner on its side. Remove the screw that holds the plate in place using a head screwdriver on the bottom of the machine locate the red retainer plate. Now the brush that is cling by the black brush arm can be removed. can access to the brush and pump belts, after you remove the brush belt to gain access to pump belt (tips: replace both belts and go ahead while machine apart).

Place one end of the pump belt around the red pump pulley to install a new pump belt and the other around the silver motor shaft. Please keep notice not to twist the belt. Place one end of the brush belt onto the red pump pulley to replace the brush belt, and the other end onto the toothed end of the brush. Replace the brush guard by placing the brush into the brush slots and reinstall the red retainer plate.

Spin the silver motor shaft to test that the belts are installed correctly and watch that the belts and brush turn freely. Return unit to upright position after replace the belt access door.


Make sure that the tank-in-tank is not full when the machine does not extract the water and solution from the carpet of floor. It will not extract any additional water or solution once the outer tank reaches capacity. In the machine make sure that the tank-in-tank is seated correctly and that the lid is on correctly. Either carpet or floor is sure that the ReadyTools dial is set correctly and ensure that the floor nozzle windows is properly attached. Place your hand over the motor duct with the power on to check for suction; take your machine to an authorized Bissell service center if no suction.