Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner – Review

Bona hardwood floor cleaner is formulated to clean all types of wood floors coated with polyurethane finish and factory pre-finished wood floors. Non-toxic. You floor finish will be not dull or leave a sticky residue. PH-Neutral.

From so many customer reviews that I read, they would see a big difference with their hardwood. The floors still look like brand new. Never leaves it dull anymore and it really does a great job cleaning dirt off.

Most people that already use Bona tell that is fantastic for spot cleaning and for regular upkeep. It truly outshines all the rest. Most professional cleaner say that it is the best cleaner ever, and also the easiest. Use it right from the start when you install your wood floors. Use this together with Bona or another good mop with microfiber pad. Don’t use disposable pads.

One people say that he has Australian Cyprus wood floors, and when he use Bona, the floors come out shinning and beautiful. This product works for most floor, use this every couple of weeks for regular maintenance, and for pickup of periodic marks on the floor.

After long research i did, Bona hardwood cleaner was very well received. If you are looking for quality hardwood floor cleaner, Bona is very positive and good choices as the user feedback.