How to Clean Wood Floors

Clean wood floors will need your exert lesser efforts and time. Probably, wood floorings are the easiest clean but the hardest to maintain, just sweep and polish and you are done. But there are many things that can cause scratches, chips and dents on a wood floor, maintenance is a killer.

Cleaning the floor is everyday care; they only need to be swept, cleaned, and vacuumed, then your floor will suffice. Before you plan a mopping to get effective results, it is good tips to spray cleaning solution on the mop head a day. Keep in your mind to use soft-bristled broom that will give you an effectively trap dirt yet in easy way on the on your wood floor. Try using a canister vacuum when vacuuming with attachment. To clean your floors, you can also use dust mops with cotton heads.

Tips For a Cleaner Wood Floor

  1. Pet stains or odor; as soon as possible you should clean pet stains if not properly treated, wood floors tend to be absorbent. A deep cleaning is required to neutralize odors if odor or stain has already taken place. To fix discolored areas, color correction may be required.
  2. Excessive early wear and tear or peeling finish; due to use of strong detergents, improper maintenance and cleaning agents or excessive grit. Have professional to make sure it is thoroughly cleaned and then re-coat. After that, always keep in mind to use minimal water, a soft mop, and non abrasive detergents created for wooden flooring.
  3. White or cloudy spotting caused by water damage; depend on how deeply and duration the water damage permeated the wood, to buff away and clean the floor. However, to restoring the luster and shine of the floors requires the service of a qualified wood flooring professional.

In routine activity of cleaning, always to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instruction and learn as much about your floor as you can, to give you the best looking floor possible, because the information regarding to wood floors and maintenance has been researched and tested.