Choose The Perfect Wood Floor Cleaning Product

Cleaning wood floors should be carried out carefullly. They are beautiful but maintain and keeping them looking good can be a bit tricky. There are many floor cleaners around that work for different types of wood flooring.

You could simply use a mop and soapy water for plain laminate but with you have to be careful for a real wood floor. The manufacturer of these products often recommended to be sure to check which products will work best on your type of floor?

When choosing a cleaning product, an important feature to look out for is checking the acidity of the products. Unless this is the desired effect, steer clear, acidic products will more often than not take the lacquer or polish off of your floor. To ensure that you get good product, going for a pH neutral cleaner is the best you can do without any side effects.

Leave residue is another key thing to look for. With a residue from the cleaning product, clean your wood floors only for it is the last thing you need to do. Find the right products that are easy to apply, so you can go for a spray bottle application. It will give a cleaner look and ensure an even application across the wood flooring.

You should check regularly as with for nicks or dents that may need to be attended to. Buy a pair of stilettos that can make the deep holes, cleaning wood floors doesn’t always work very well. If you want to make sure that a problem won’t go unnoticed for long, every time you clean it, making sure that your floor is in tip top condition.

If you are using a wood floor vacuum, to not cause scratches – always remember that you should use the soft brush attachment as a heavy vacuum cleaner. Scratches are not something you want when you are cleaning your floor.